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Young Adult Fiction 2411
Spellbook of the Lost and Found
(Updated: May 18, 2017)
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One stormy night, things in an Irish town go missing. Some are material, while others are much more personal. Later, some teens find a spellbook that promises if they conjure a spell that it will return what they lost but at a cost.

What worked: This is a magical tale filled with secrets, betrayals, and mysteries. The past mingles with the present in ways that are woven throughout the story. There are more than a few different points of view of that fateful night. The only problem I had was keeping track of all the characters. Add to that, some of the characters were from the past. What's surprising is how they all connect. The reveal had me going, "wow".

Readers meet friends Olive and Rose, who wake up after a late night party, missing more than material things. A mysterious boy appears, hinting at an almost faery-like world which lures the teens with a magical spellbook.

There's also pages of a diary that mention three friends who also encountered a cute mysterious boy the same day they lost things.

Mystical, enchanting tale with a sharp bite, this story will enthrall readers on the mystery behind the sudden reappearance of a spellbook one stormy Irish night.
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