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LOVE, LUCAS by Chantele Sedgwick tells the story of Oakley Nelson in the time after she loses her best friend and brother, Lucas. Oakley is struggling and completely lost after Lucas dies. Her parents are having an understandably tough time with his death, too, so Oakley is left to grieve on her own.

When Oakley’s mom takes her to California so that they can both spend some time with Oakley’s aunt, an opportunity to regroup presents itself, but Oakley is trying to figure out how to manage life without Lucas. She needs to figure out how to continue to live—and live well—without betraying his memory. Carson, a handsome local who wants to be more than friends, is everything that Oakley needs to start to heal from her brother’s death, but she can’t find a way through the natural depression that has settled in.

LOVE, LUCAS gets its name from the series of letters that Lucas has written to his sister from his hospital bed. Oakley vows to read one entry each day, and each one speaks to her and her current situation in an uncanny way. As Oakley tries to live out Lucas’s directives, she starts to find a way to move forward, but she needs to accept that happiness isn’t a betrayal.

LOVE, LUCAS is a sweet and sad book about family, grieving, loss, and love, and it is definitely a recommended book for its intended audience. Oakley (and Lucas) have a lot of lessons to share, and although the adults in the novel are a bit shallow, Oakley is a vibrant character, and one with whom readers will relate.

My thanks to the publisher and YA Books Central for a copy of the book in exchange for my unbiased review.
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A vibrant main character

A strong look at the grieving process
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