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(Updated: May 09, 2017)
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An amazing book with appealing characters.
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Tessa Dooley loves running with her friends Marina and Lexie, but also enjoys playing football with Caleb McCleary and other boys. She is hopeful that there could be something more between her and Caleb. When she loses her final football game with them, she is dejected, especially when a coach approaches Caleb and his friends to sign up for football camp. Tessa also wants to join football camp, but isn't sure how her friends and parents will react. Tessa's mother is using her to promote her mayoral campaign, and her friends are depending on her to try out for cross-country. Her relationship with Caleb complicates when she feels he doesn't want her to play football. Caleb is afraid how his friends will treat Tessa because she plays football, and how he will be treated by dating her. Tessa doesn't want to have to choose between two sports she loves and faces discrimination because she's a girl.

I was pulled in from the introduction. It started the story off with a light, happy mood. We see Tessa's passion and dedication for running. We meet her love interest, Caleb, and her secret that she likes football but doesn't want her friends to know.

The Football Girl provided a unique perspective into doing something different. Tessa knew that most girls didn't play football and she could be shunned: but she didn't let stop her! She felt her life was mapped out for her, and she wanted to do something she enjoyed without having to worry about being accepted. She was treated and seen differently because she played football. Caleb felt really conflicted about Tessa playing football. He was happy for her, but he couldn't explain to himself why he didn't want her to play. The author approached this heavy topic with passion and characters who cared.

The two different POVs helped me understand how both of the characters would feel about a girl playing football. Tessa felt that if she could play, she could play! She is offended when Caleb hints that she shouldn't do it. Caleb is confused because he grew up with boys playing football, and it messed up the logical order of things to him. He was influenced by his friends, who agree and disagree about it. Readers will be intrigued about getting into both a girl and a boy's head in this situation.

I appreciated that the romantic relationship didn't take over the plot. Tessa and Caleb's romantic relationship strengthened the story, and it wasn't gushy. They supported each other, even if they had conflicting feelings about something. They both made mistakes in their relationship, but they cared enough about each other to make it up in a credible way.

Both Caleb and Tessa's parents had issues. Caleb's parents pressured his brother to join the family business. Tessa's mom was very self-absorbed. Tessa and Caleb didn't want to hurt their parents. They cared about them, but didn't feel like they were an important part of their parents' lives. The family issues didn't take over the plot, but supported it. I liked how they were handled realistically, and ended with hope that they could make their relationship work.

There is plenty of action and lots of football. It was very refreshing to read a sports book with a female protagonist. Both boys and girls will enjoy reading The Football Girl. Even though Tessa was a girl, on the field, she was just a player. I am glad how Tessa's success in football was portrayed realistically. It was great to see than even she could mess up, especially when the author wanted to prove that girls could play football.

The Football Girl will appeal to both boys and girls alike! It is a sweet yet subtle book. With only two hundred pages, and to the point, it is a great summer read!
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