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Definitely the reason why I decided to reread this was because of the show. and now that I finished reading this, I am excited to dive in to the show!

Actually, bought this book in 2015 and I just decided to reread it now. and I do not regret diving into the mind of Clay and Hannah. reading this again made me realize so many things that I missed when I read this a few years ago. One thing that really stood out was the main character is a girl. it made me realize how girls and women can be so sexualized even without doing anything. from the very first reason, it showed how Hannah was sexualized... it just never occured to me... with all the women empowerment, and fighting for equality going on, this book was already doing that ten years ago!

anyway, the book is, of course, amazing. the reasons, the characters, how it was written, how it was paced, how amazing that there are two narrators at the same time. I also love the fact that this book can be timeless. with cassette tapes being used by the character, it can definitely stay current. the book is ten years old, but they still made a show about it ten years after. therefore, it is timeless. I actually got an edition of the book with an interview with Jay Asher, and the reason he wanted to use cassette tapes was because he wanted to make stay relevant in whatever time it is. And I thought that was pretty cool.

i truly applaud the ingenuity of this book and how it spoke so much.
Good Points
~ amazing plot
~ timeless
~ well written characters
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