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Review : Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde
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Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde is a YA contemporary romance story with a LGBT relationship. It tells about three Senior BFFs : Taylor, Charlie and Jamie. Before finishing high school and then moving to LA to attend university, the three decide to go to SupaCon, a convention placed in San Diego, accomplishing their dream of a lifetime. The story alternates the point-of-view of Taylor and the point-of-view of Charlie.

Charlie is a Chinese girl who has always lived in Australia and she has become famous vlogging on Youtube. She was very confident of herself but, after being publicly cheated on by her co-star Reese, she started having problems of self estimate. She goes to SupaCon to meet her fans and there she meets Alyssa Huntington, another vlogger she has always had a huge crush on. The two had a similar past, maybe too similar, but I enjoyed reading about them.

Taylor is an autistic girl ( like the authoress ), and you could see it since the first pages of the book. She’s afraid of crowds and being left behind by Jamie and Charlie. Her dream is to meet the writer of the Firestone series, which helped her to overcome her daily struggle with social anxiety. She wants to meet Skyler before going to uni, because then she would have proved that she could win her problems with talking to people.

By her side, there’s Jamie, her best friend who has always been there for her when she needed someone the most. He’s like a knight in shining armor who helps her damsel in distress. The two love each other since always, but Taylor is too afraid of not knowing what could happen to risk their friendship. Throughout the convention, Taylor has to face her problems and, in the end, she understands that she is strong, that being afraid is normal.

Thanks to this book, I understood that being Geek is COOL, that shyness is not an invincible weakness, that is OK to have fears.

Jen Wilde did a pretty good job with the writing and what I most liked about the story was how well she described Taylor. I know that some people think the only thing she could do was weeping, but I think it made the story more real.

I recommend Queens of Geek to fans of LGBT and contemporary romance.
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