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Every once in awhile a book comes along that is not only important, timely and relevant, but also so well-written that you just can't put down. Words cannot begin to explain all the emotions this novel has brought up in me. The Hate U Give is a book I could talk about forever. I recommended it to everyone I came across just so I could talk to someone while I read it. It is heart-wretching and honest. Angie Thomas has created an important piece that should be in everyone's hands.

What makes this book so powerful is the instant connections to Starr the reader feels. From the first page, the reader is thrown into Starr's world, her emotions, her conflicts. She is relatable and it I instantly wanted to know more about her. In so many words, it brought me into a world that was both familiar and at the same time unknown to me while opening my eyes to ideas I never considered.

As a teacher I have known Starr and Seven. Those young adults with similar struggles,obstacles, and strengths. In many ways, this made me love Starr not only as a character but as a person.Starr is strong and vulnerable at the same time, she exhibits such courage while caring so many fears on her shoulders. Starts struggles are real, her internal struggles are real, and her day to day life reflect the current issues in our society today.

I wish I had had The Hate U Give, to show that that their voices matter. Real life is not perfect, problems are not solved in 30 minutes. Life and death situations don't only occur in dystopian novels, but happen every day across the country. As a teacher I have also known Chris's and Haileys- even adults. Each character has a purpose to drive the story, some will make you angry, some will make you want to cry, but they reflect people we see in our every day lives.

On a lighter note, the pop culture references woven throughout the book bring an additional touch that also strengthens the story. Angie Thomas has written a story that not only engages the reader but creates an environment for discussion and thought.

This book is not just a story but an experience. One that should be discussed and shared with friends. It goes to the heart of issues that need to be known and addressed. The Hate U give brings a voice and heart like no other book. A standing ovation for Angie Thomas. Highly recommended.
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