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Good book, great trilogy
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oh my goodness! i have finally finished reading the trilogy... i still have Kill Order and Fever Code to go. but i can finally say, i have finished the series.

this has been a thrill ride even though i read some spoilers before i read them. and truthfully, it took out the genuine emotions i have in some situations. but i still stand in it being a good book.

though this is the last book, i didn't find it as exciting as scorch trials. this was crazy good but this book has been more about finding out all the answers. so this has been more explanation than anything else.

quite disappointed about meeting new characters in scorch trials that barely mean anything in death cure. i thought that part was such a good plot but it sucked that they barely matter.

i can't remember if i said this before, but this book can be so realistic in terms of climate change and with the environment. and i think that the author gave a very real world to us in the far future. but the real reason for the existence of WICKED was just wow but at the same time, meh! but that's science for you.

i'll stop talking now cause i know my opinion won't matter since the book has been long ago at the same time there probably thousands of reviews already.

in general though. good book, great trilogy. not too excited to read the prequels, but they are definitely in my to-be-read list.

see you when i get there!
Good Points
~ such a thrill ride
~ good book
~ the epilogue
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