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Young Adult Fiction 1975
It Could Have Been Great
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This book reminds me a lot of Anna and the French Kiss, without all the hot bits. This book is so clean I'd say any age can read it. We follow Grace, a girl from Nashville TN, which made me love her right off the bat as Nashville is my hometown and I miss it so damn much.

Grace decides she needs to get away from all the drama and pain going through her family and so she goes to a boarding school in South Korea. Yes, South Korea, home of the wonderful K-Pop. I've never seen a book deal with K-Pop so when I saw that, I was even more eager to read it.

The idea of this book and parts of it are 5 star worthy but Grace... the more I read about her, she'd really kind of a bitch at first but she does slowly get better. I still disliked her at times though. Jason has some issues but he still was a likable person. I did feel like all the other characters weren't as well flushed out. They really felt like background characters to me.

So this book isn't awful by any means but it could have been fantastic! If you like cute and clean romance stories, this is for you. Also you get a glimpse of Korea and I have always wanted to visit Korea so this was great for me.
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