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This novel was really a reread for me as I read it back in February 2013. You may wonder how I even remember that because back then I didn't have Goodreads, I got it a few months later. This was the very first book I got to read after my surgery. I was so happy to be able to focus on reading again that I remember crying softly to myself. I felt like me again after years of not being able to read. It was magical. Just like this book. I decided to reread it because I never got to finish the rest of the series and that it just sad. Because I just know it's going to be utterly perfect. This is also one of the only series that I've not got spoiled for. Maybe where it's an older series...

The world building in this book is completely superb! One of the best I've ever seen. The characters are so richly developed that I feel like they are really out there somewhere. I feel like the author just sat down with these characters and wrote as they told their story to her. It seems that real. The author's writing feels almost like poetry. It's simply wonderful. She really knows how to tug emotions out of me! I cried when the sad moments hint and laughed and giggled at the happy moments. I simply can't praise this amazing book anymore.

This novel follows Karou, a young girl with bright blue hair and tattoos on her palms that she has had as long as she can remember. She lives differently than we do, she was raised by otherworldly beings and has tiny wishes. She has never felt whole though, there is always a sad longing in her. But as secrets begin to unravel and an Angel removes her only way to see her family, things get dark. Karou will stop at nothing to find them. Though she starts to fall for this angel, starts seeing things about him... maybe even from another life? But will she still love this angel when she found out what he's done to her family?

Karou is a strong character, I know some may see her as that girl that longs for a guy and while she does, don't we all? We all want to find that special someone. She just doesn't let it consume her, it's not her only reason for living. She loves her family and is very loyal to them. It's nice to see a decent family element for once. Some YA books leave out the family or they are dead... just something along those lines. That is not the case here. She is also very strong, she doesn't let people bully her. It's nice to see someone that can be a good role model. Also I totally want bright blue hair now.

So really this is such an amazing start to what I know is going to be one of my favorite series ever. It's just so epic. If you haven't read this book yet, you need to! Drop whatever book you're reading and get this book! I know that you will thank me for it.
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