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This book opens with a bang! You are lead to believe that Calaena is killing a man with his wife while they're in bed. But after turning in a few body parts to the king... you see that she is faking deaths. Because let's be really honest here; the king is evil and should never be trusted.

The King gives her another mission - to kill an old friend of hers; Archer. She must also take down the rebel group that he might be attached to. She gets close to Archer and tells him to the leave city or die. He offers to her names to a group of rebels and she takes the names. It ends up in a close call in Davis' office, finding a book on Wyrdmarks.

This leads to her asking Nehemia for help. Though her friend offers none. Along the way she falls for Chaol and they share a short but passionate relationship. It ends the Chaol is taken hostage by Archer and his group of rebels. That's also the night Nehemia is murdered and our assassin guesses Dorian has magic.

The nail in the coffin for Chaol and Calaena is that he kept important information from her about the treat on Nehemia's life. She ends up trying to kill him. I can't say I'm sorry this happened. I was a huge Dorian and Calaena shipper so... yeah.

It takes many days to recover from this major loss. It leads to her discovering the Wyrdkeys and how powerful they can be. She also comes to know that the king has at least one of the three needed to open the gate. It was also how the king had sealed off magic.

Our assassin decides she needs to talk to Nehemia one last time and uses the wyrdmarks to open a portal but very bad things happen leading to Choal knowing she's fae and that Dorian has magic. She also finds out that Archer had a part in her friend's death and kills him.

Chaol decides that the only way keep her safe is to send her far away from this kingdom. He creates a plan and even gets his fathers backing after promising to return to his own homeland. So this amazing book ends with Calaena on the shop to Wendlyn and Chaol figuring out she's not just any far. But the heir to the far throne in Terrase.

This book blew me away, it had be smiling like an idiot and then crying my eyes out. I just love that she is the heir to the throne though honestly I just knew that was coming. It's been so obvious for such a while. Anyway, read this book! It's so amazing and it keeps getting better. Though so sorry for all you Chaol shippers out there. I think that ship sunk.

The writing flows so nicely and I love the way Sarah pays such great attention to detail. This novel will hook you from page one and will not let you go till it's over. Now I'd ready for Heir of Fire!
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