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This was a decent book. It started quickly, which I like. I hate when something takes 100+ pages to even start the real plot. It took a while for me to get through, having a lot of well, boring parts. The take on zombies this book has is kind of weird. No one knows how it really even started... seriously? Maybe it will explain more in the second novel. Though I like that the author Gena Showalter tried to do something different. It's refreshing because so many movies and books have to do with zombies these days. I loved Ali's random way to describe stuff. The horse rectum thing had me laughing.

I liked Kat. She was funny, loyal, and oh so charming. It was pretty predictable that she would have some kind of illness. It's still very sad though. I liked how she'd string Frosty along. They're such a cute couple. You can see how much he cares for her. I really hope she tells him about her health soon.

Cole was just... irk. He was too controlling. I know he was the leader and only wanted to keep everyone safe, but still. People have to be able to breathe sometimes! I just didn't really like him.

Ali... I hated and loved her all at the same time. I wish she would've made Cole work harder and not do pretty much everything he said. I did like how strong she was, killing her 'pops' and father. I could never kill my father. She wasn't scared to do what needed to be done (with the zombies... now with Cole...). I also can't wait to see how her skills develop over the next two books.

There were only two things in this book I didn't see coming; Dr Wright and the killing of her 'pops'. It was easy to see that her father would be a zombie, that she'd be the most gifted one of the group, & that Kat was very sick. It's not a book I'd ever want to read again, but I will finish the series just to know what happens to Kitty Kat.
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