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Teresa Hamilton is a dancer. She wants to make it big. Then she has an accident and she has to wait and see if she will be able dance again. she goes off to college taking classes to be a teacher. The same college as her older brother and his best friend, Jase. The same best friend who kissed her a year ago and whom she has strong feelings for. Things are bumpy from the start.

Jase Winstead has secrets. A dark past that keeps him very truly living his life. He has feelings for Teresa but refuses to allow himself to truly be with her (thus the name of the book).

The book is pretty predictable, I saw the two big twists coming from a mile away. It was still an enjoyable read though. I've not read the first in this series yet but I've seen a lot of reviews and most said this wasn't as good as the first and I could see that. I mean this book is good but the way the couple yo-yo can get boring or even upsetting. But Jase had so many reasons to push her away. He loved her but he didn't want to lose her like he lost Kari (it's always awesome when book characters share my name).

Teresa is ready to give him everything, even after being abused by her ex. She trusts Jase and loves him. He keeps pushing her away and she doesn't find out the full reason until close to the end of the book. What I liked was she was even willing to accept Jack and for a girl that young it's usually something that wouldn't happen.

They make a cute couple and this book is very cute. It deals with abuse in a tasteful way and I really enjoyed how Teresa wasn't a scared victim anymore. She was a strong young woman. She would make a good role model.
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