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Well, I should start off by saying that I'm sure I wasn't the only person who had high hopes for this novel. I mean if you've read the other three and loved them the way I do. I was disappointed by this installment, Eadlyn is no America. This Princess starts out as a spoiled brat whom I wanted a smack every other page. She never thought of anyone else but herself. Her most important things in life were designing dresses and freaking hand massages. She was mean to everyone, even going so far as to feel ashamed for Kile's appearance and how it made her family look to be around that kind of thing.

I almost gave up on this book, I couldn't take much more of her, then enter Kile. I really like him and hope he or Erik wins, I won't be happy with any other. They are sweet and understanding and I love Kile for not being scared to call her out when she is being a bitch, which is a lot.

The plot is pretty much like the first part of the series, only Eadlyn is the first female to hold a selection and the way she goes about it you'd think her parents had demanded she go tap dancing in a mine field. She's rude to the boys and doesn't seem to care an ounce for them.

Slowly though, I watched her change little by little, I still wanted to smack her sometimes but it got better, she got better. I know some people are happy that she isn't as wishy washy as her mother was but I understood why America was that way and I sadly can understand why Eadlyn is such a spoiled brat... though I'm so angry at Maxon and America for raising her to be that way. Her twin brother, Ahren, seemed to be so much better till he eloped. Ugh, this book is a hot mess sometimes and just a plain mess other times, will I be reading the next one? Yes, but only for Kile or Erik, this though is nothing like the first and it makes me so sad.
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