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We follow Alina, a young girl who was taken in by the Duke. She has no family. She finds a friend Mal, they are everything to each other. But he's great at everything and she's nothing special. All that changes when they have to cross the fold and her Grisha power is unleashed.

Things change fast for Alina. She's pulled away from the First Army by the Darkling (Swoon) and starts to uncover a dark plot.

This was a very fast, entertaining read. I enjoyed it so much! I read as fast as I could, just hoping to dig deeper into this world. I needed more about the Darkling. I'm in total love with him. I do think it's a bit overhyped so that's why I gave it four and a half stars. I expected more. I thought I was going to be blown away by this book and that didn't happen. I was blown away by the Darkling though! I really love him.

I can't really point out what I disliked, maybe it was how Alina was so drawn into herself. She's not a bad person but she thinks of herself so lowly. Like she's less than everyone else and I don't like that. It was sad to see but she did slowly start to change as the book went on and that was awesome. I love character development.

I don't really care for Mal. He's had years to confess and tell Alina how he feels and yet he's too busy sleeping with Zoya and not caring until Alina is taken from him. Dumb boy. He's too used to having her around that he took her for granted. I hope she doesn't get with him. I hope she's smarter than that.

I'm still wondering where the Darkling falls. Is he truly evil? Misunderstood? I must know! Honestly, I'll be reading the rest of this series just for him. Not even kidding. He's worth it.

The world building is top notch, I love the dark feel of this book. The side characters are wonderful as well. Overall, a quick, fun, and action packed book. If you've not read this series yet, pick it up! You'll love it!
Good Points
1) Sucks you in quickly

2) Fun and fast paced
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