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Heaps of fun with time-travelling pirates.
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Nix is a time-travelling pirate, she's a crucial member of her father: Captain Slate’s crew. Together they magically travel through maps all over the world and to different times. However their adventures are coming to a close, Nix’s father is finally closing in on the one map he needs, a map that will take him back to Honolulu 1868; the year his wife died giving birth to Nix. The Captain is fueled by his love and loss of his wife, but Nix is worried about her own fate, if the Captain manages to save her mother, just what will happen to her?

Nix, her father and the crew embark on a impossible adventure in order to retrieve this magical map, they must travel through time, steal a royal treasury and quite possibly irrevocably change the future of Hawaii. Nix was a nice protagonist but I felt she was outshone by so many extraordinary character's, especially the incredible Kashmir, however this didn’t ruin my reading experience it only made my love for Kash grow and look forward to his and Nix’s interactions more and more.

There’s a wonderful and thrilling sense of adventure with this debut, I could have followed these pirates around the world and back again, they’re such a unique crew and I loved getting to know them and their backgrounds and how they came aboard The Temptation. Nix has a strained relationship with her father, which was interesting to read about, I could really see why they clashed but I also understood why they had such strong convictions.

The Girl From Everywhere is beautifully written and the slow introduction of myths and magic only heightened my interest and enjoyment. Ultimately time-travelling pirates just sound all types of awesome and now I'm eagerly awaiting book two!
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