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A dark and beautiful fantasy book you won't forget!
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The story is told from two POV’s: Laia and Elias, both in first person which allows to connect immediately with the characters and mimic their every thought or feeling as if it’s your own. Laia is a Scholar and because of this she is classed as subservient to the Martials. Her mother, father and old sister died when she was young so she and her borther live with her Nan and Pops. Elias is part of the Martial Empire and has spent the last fourteen years training to be a soldier, he is now a Mask; the deadliest and highest ranking fighter and is top of his class. However he is also the bastard of the Commandant AKA, the most ruthless character you will ever read about. Enjoy my lovelies.

One night Laia’s brother is taken by the Martials and thrown into person, determined to free him Laia must seek aid from the Resistance. The Resistance will not freely save her brother instead she must work as a slave girl for the Commandant in order to spy on her. In a world where slaves are brutally beaten and raped with no consequences to the offender and the Commandant will happily punish you for being a second late, Laia must tread very carefully!

This was perfectly paced for me, not slow but slow enough that I was agonizing of the when the characters would meet again and what would happen next, seriously I was up until 2AM reading this Oh yes, it was that good, let me tell you!

There is a romance in this and how I loved it, there was a slight triangle and no concrete decisions were made but seriously this book isn’t about romance it’s about Laia risking everything to save her brother. I actually didn’t mind that the romance took a back seat it just made me yearn for those precious moments with the characters also Laia isn’t your average emboldened heroine, she’s young, naïve and completely terrified, she doesn’t want to do this but she does so for her brother and it’s makes way for some serious character development.

This book is dark, twisted and just delicious to read with it’s completely addictive writing. I honestly read this with a pounding heart from cover to cover, with the added elements of magic, trials and old myths coming to life; it could seriously do no wrong.
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