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Six of Crows follows six characters all attempting to pull off an impossible heist, one that has never been done before: Break into the notorious Ice Court- a military stronghold that has never been breached, Retrieve a hostage- a prisoner who created a powerful and dangerous drug that could eliminate all Grisha and of course, all for a tempting sum of 30 million kruge. Kaz must assemble people crazy and dangerous enough to follow him on a suicide mission but will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams… if they can pull it off.

We slowly get to know these characters and learn about their history, reinforcing how much is at stake for each individual should something go wrong, leaving you completely compelled and feeling apart of the journey. If you’re familiar with the Grisha world then this book is a dream, it can be read as a standalone but you may have a few questions here and there but being able to slip seamlessly back into the amazing world and Bardugo’s writing which has become more captivating over the years was fantastic.

The plot is fast paced, action packed and unpredictable; you will not see much coming and the plot twists are exceptional. Now for the romance, there’s romance and 2 ships that I am majorly shipping and in love with. It does not consume or take away from the plot, just bits here and there but it’s enough to keep you hooked and still fly through the pages. BUT when you reach those chapters or scenes where there is romance… be prepared for some smoldering looks, angst, sexual tension and quotes that have the ability to make you swoon long after reading.

Overall I’d make some room on your top bookshelves if I were you, Six of Crows is going to claim top spot and make all other books come second place. Bardugo’s magical world and superlative writing will leave you wanting more; that is if you survived the cliffhanger…
If there were more stars to give, I would give them all!
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