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Finally! Jordan Sonnenblick finally have a female character and he nailed it!!! I was so excited to read this book. truthfully, it's not because of the plot but because it is a Jordan Sonnenblick book! His books were the epitome of me transitioning from middle grade books and young adult. and because I was doing the same.

the book held itself on its own. the book description tells us that this is once again a story of family, challenges, music and a lot of teen angst! and i just truly love it!

this definitely clenches my heart because what happened to Claire's dad also happened to my dad. so basically i was the feels on this. i loved Claire very much because I totally get how she's feeling about everything. the whole anger thing, to being scared, to worrying is how i felt growing up. and that's what so amazing about jordan sonnenblick books, he definitely knows how people at that age can be so selfish but at the same time learn all that feelings...

I know that this is mostly considered as a middle grade book but I also see it as a young adult... mg books are really innocent and have sheltered characters. but i kinda see it as ya because I was like that when i was already sixteen. with all the seriousness, drama, and relationships that ya has, having read this book can be looked as a breathe of fresh air. it just so nice to have those things in here too but with a different flavor.

i definitely love the aspect of family here. i mean jordan sonnenblick books definitely has a signature of relationship between an adult and a child or teen and the growth of that relationship. and Falling Over Sideways has it too.

I just love this book very much! just the writing style, characters, subplots and the whole story itself is just so crazy amazingly good!
Good Points
~ very relatable (especially if it happened to you
~ finally! A female character
~ it's a Jordan Sonnenblick book! Of course it's amazing
~ Claire is sooooooooo realistic!
~ this is MG but I also see it as YA
~ family is ?
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