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Perfect for fantasy fans of all ages, Wings of Fire is a series adults can enjoy just as much as the young audience the story is intended for. The journey of Darkstalker, Clearsight and their friends is an epic coming of age tale wrought with danger and uncertainty. These young, talented dragons are faced with challenges and tough decisions well beyond their level of experience.
With a world of prophecy constantly swirling in her mind, Clearsight must navigate the paths that will lead to a future she can live with. But Darkstalker’s limitless power is a temptation he cannot control. With the best of intentions, he leads his friends into peril and chaos until Clearsight realizes she must find a way to deter his zeal or all will be lost.
I am new to the Wings of Fire series. When I first realized that Darkstalker was a prequel, I thought I might need to save it until I had the chance to read the full series. But I gave it one chapter and I was hooked. There is no need to read the full series first, this prequel works well as a standalone, but you will be eager to read the rest of the series after finishing this book.
I really don’t think there is anything cuter than the young dragonets introduced in this story. I am a huge fan of fantasy stories just like this, but the fact that these characters are dragons makes it a thousand times better! I did struggle with some of the dialogue, especially in the beginning. It often felt forced and over the top, but that did not deter from my enjoyment of the story and it got much better later in the book.
The world Sutherland has built is an easy one to fall into. I loved every moment of this adventure and I’m eager to read more about this world. The only thing I found somewhat frustrating was the descriptions of the dragons and how they moved within their vastly different kingdoms. It could be an issue with not having read the other books in the series, but I felt there was something missing in the descriptions of the different kingdoms and how the species of dragons differed from one kingdom to the next. The illustrations at the beginning of the book don't always match the descriptions. So that was somewhat off-putting.
The prequel begins brilliantly with the birth of Darkstalker, the most powerful of his kind ever to be born. The reader is immediately hooked from that moment, knowing they are in for a tale of epic proportions. I highly recommend the series to readers of all ages. If you are a fan of dragons, this is a must read.
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This is a beautifully designed special edition with maps of Pyrrhia and illustrations of the different species of dragons. Definitely a book you will want in print.
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