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Young Adult Fiction 2001
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High school students Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson are at it again in the follow up to an amazing and brilliant new twist on the classic Holmes and Watson. THE LAST OF AUGUST picks up with Charlotte and Jamie on their break. When Charlotte’s Uncle Leander goes missing Charlotte is convinced that something’s wrong. With Jamie’s help, they travel around Europe trying to piece together Leander’s latest job and what went wrong.

What worked for me

One of my favorite things is watching crime shows and trying to figure out who did it. Being a Sherlock fan I have watched many different adaptations, and I love how familiar these characters are. Jamie and Charlotte feel like characters I’ve known for a long time but who I’m also meeting for the first time. From the very first page of A Study in Charlotte to the last page of THE LAST OF AUGUST I just fell in love with them. Charlotte who is just an amazing Holmes if I’ve ever seen one. Dynamic and powerful and someone you just do not want to mess with. To Jamie who is as lovable and faithful as anyone Watson I’ve known. The both of them together make a great team. With the banter that feels all to familiar, to their distinct voice, this is a series that Sherlock fans, and newbies alike will love.

The book is told from Jamie’s POV but each book gets a couple chapters told by Charlotte. To be honest, other than solving the crime, those were my favorite parts. I felt like we were very limited to the inner workings of Holmes. We see her from Jamie’s very skewed perspective. And I loved getting to know her voice more and more. I do hope that we get more of her in the third book.

While on the hunt for Leander, Charlotte and Jamie get a lot closer. Which causes more and more problems to come up. Then you throw in a person Charlotte is said to have loved and you have a whole heap of trouble. The first book focused more on the crime and less on the relationship, while this book focuses on the relationship and less on the crime. That said I would love to see how they balance their life with solving crimes, to their relationship. I am seriously rooting for these two!

I do want to take moment to say that Brittany does touch on some really tough topics. Rape, murder, substance abuse, etc. And while it is not graphic I do have to say that it is mentioned and it is something Charlotte is working on throughout the book.

What left me wanting more

Like I said I am so rooting for them, I just felt like they kept having the same fight but getting nowhere. I love the way they are together and their back and fourth is so much fun to read. I just wanted them to get through some of their issues. I just can’t wait to see how this relationship develops and grows in the third book. Regardless of whether they end up together or not. I love them as a partnership.

I’m not sure if I am alone on this one, or if I just missed it, but I really really want to know why Jamie’s mom doesn’t like the Holmes. It’s killing me not knowing why she wants Jamie to stay away from Charlotte. Am I the only one curious about this? Is it like Jamie says and his mom just doesn’t like their past? Or did something happen with Jamie’s dad and the Holmes? Is it just that they have money and they aren’t willing to help the Watson’s? Like I need to know! Please tell me more in the third book!

That being said overall I thought this was such a great follow up to A Study in Charlotte. And while I flew through the first book, this one took me a little bit to start up. It was slow going but once things started moving, I couldn’t put it down. I ended up staying awake till 3 in the morning and let me just say, It was so worth it. The different cities, the plans, the costumes are just part of why this is one of my favorite series and why it works so well. If you are anything like me and love mysteries or you’re a Sherlock fan or you’re a newbie, this is a series you will not want to miss picking up! It’s full of twist and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat and having you put on your deerstalker, ready to solve crimes.
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