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A Heart-Stopping Finale
(Updated: January 28, 2017)
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A Million Worlds Without You was the finale to Claudia Gray’s epic Firebird trilogy, which follows Marguerite through the multiverse.

Warning: This will have no spoilers for this book, but it may mention certain spoiler-y type things from past books in the series! Also highly recommend to anyone, it's a series like no others :)

Since the first book, Marguerite has been fighting against a force that always seems to be two steps ahead: Conely. This whole situation was one that she never willingly chose to be a part of, and yet she took the role with a grace most people wouldn't have. Her support is all there, except the person she leans on the most (Paul), and despite all this- she continues on.

The story begins off complicated because of Paul's internal struggles, Maguerite's battle against another version of herself, and some loses that even she cannot stop in the beginning. Slowly, but surely, Marguerite begins to piece together all the broken bits that Conley had left in his wake and she begins to truly fight back. This was the most determined, fierce, and secure I've seen Marguerite throughout the entire series and it made me proud that she didn't let fear take over even when she could have.

There were also lots of questions about many characters that were left unanswered in the second book, but let me tell you that we gain closure and lots of happy endings [or unpredictable ones] with many of them. It definitely left me satisfied to know how everyone was :)

By far my favorite part of the story involves Claudia Gray introducing us to a deaf-Marguerite. I won't say much about it so I don't spoil it, but I found it to be extremely eye-opening and completely new. It isn't often that a main character [or at least part of one?] is also deaf, and I love that Gray was able to do this, and do it very well.

Final thoughts?

It was a wonderful, fast-paced, heart stopping final book and I know Claudia Gray wouldn't have it any other way. Each chapter was more intense than the last until that ending that blows you away. Highly recommend this last book in an overall great series!

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