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The Girl from Everywhere is one of my favorite reads from December. I have one disclaimer that I was immediately drawn to the premise of the book due to the fact Nix was born in Hawaii in 1868. My mother was born in Hawaii and her family is native to the islands. I couldn't help put picture my ancestors possibly walking down the streets and shoreline while Nix's boat sailed in to port. I am also a big fan of time travel stories, going back to growing up with Quantum Leap, Sliders, and Back to the Future, to making sure I DVR Timeless on TV.

First I love the concept of time travel on a ship and the power built into maps. Heilig also does an incredible job of world building. The descriptions are beautiful and vivid. The prose is poetic. The characters are complex and intriguing and every time I felt I understood each character's motivation I was pleasantly surprised by their actions. The relationships between all the characters are well thought out and help move the plot at a good pace. I found myself reading some parts slowly just so I could enjoy the ride.

What I liked best: All of it. There is too much to mention without giving away important surprised. The best part of The Girl from Everywhere is the journey and it is best if you just put on your life vest and jump right in.
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