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Young Adult Fiction 1925
Harmony can sometimes be scary
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The prologue of Harmony House had me hooked on the very first sentence. Overall the book is a fast read and has twists and turns to help give that "spooky" story feel. The plot kept me intrigued and kept me guessing through a few parts.

What I liked best: An easy read, that definitely fills the thriller ghostly genre. Harmony house is that fun book you curl up under a blanket with a flashlight kind of read. Nic Sheff does a good job crafting the story and getting the reader fully immersed in the plot. Every little detail is important, even when you think they are unimportant, they give clues to what is happening in the story. I like that the author seems to have placed everything in the story for a specific reason.

What left me wanting more: Personally, I would have loved to feel more of a connection with the characters. But, when thinking about my favorite horror stories and movies, I don't think I form those connections. I love a good horror flick, but if I get too connected I end up hiding under the covers upstairs in bed. Keeping that separation allows me to enjoy the suspense, get my adrenaline pumping. Then I am able to put the book down take a deep sigh and not have to worry about looking around each corner. It's why I love certain horror stories more than others. I need that separation.
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