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Mind blowing paranormal read!
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Love paranormal reads? How about ones that will keep you awake and at the edge of your seat?

This book is all of that and more.

Being swept inside the mind of a literary character is a great feeling. Keeping the reader inside is an even bigger accomplishment.

Hailey is an amazing and typical teenager. Her parents died in a fire when she was very young and she now lives with her uncle and older sister, Holly.

When Holly is kidnapped and determined dead, Hailey begins to seriously question her life and all those around her.

Going to college in Alaska, studying paranormal science, Hailey learns there is way more going on than what she has been dreaming for years.

There is a good guy, bad guy and emotions everywhere!!!!! Seriously, that's what keeps you reading, the constant fluctuations of emotions are what keeps your adrenaline going and your NEED to finish the book.

My sister is rooting for the good guy and I am definitely pulling towards the bad guy... he gives a whole new meaning to the term evil!
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This is edge of your seat gripping!
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