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Freeks is definitely a fresh book for me to start the year. For the last several months, I’ve only been into contemporary romances and thrillers and I’m really glad I have this paranormal novel to kick off my year.

Freeks is set in the 80’s and there’s a little Stranger Things / AHS Freak Show vibe to it which really helped establish the setting. I love the overall vibe of the novel. The supernatural abilities of the characters were also interesting. The story started a little slow and it picks up towards the middle. This was where I started to get hooked.

The plot wasn’t really that unique but it was unpredictable which was cool. The characters fell a little flat and there wasn’t really a development. Still, it was pretty awesome to see a diverse cast within the group.

Mara’s character was easy to relate to, but then again the characters weren’t that complex. Mara feels a little out of place in the group since she doesn’t really have a power. Not one known to her, at the beginning. Her mom, on the other hand, is a necromancer. She can talk to the dead and use tarot cards for it. It’s been a long while since I read a book with tarot cards and it’s really awesome to see it again. I also loved the tarot card illustrations in the book.

Another thing I had issue with was the romance. Yes, it was sweet, but it really felt too rushed. There’s chemistry between Mara and Gabe and they weren’t really playing around or chasing each other by being hard to get. They’re pretty straightforward with their feelings but I think it’s just so fast paced. The events in the book happened only for a week and a couple of days. So yeah, you get the idea.

Overall, the book was very enjoyable to read amidst some issues I had. I definitely a cool book to start the year with! I’m a little sad that this is a standalone because I would have loved to look forward for more!
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good paranormal vibe, interesting plot
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