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the book description is truly not as interesting as the whole book, you definitely have to dive in to it to actually capture the beauty of it. the description covers a lot of it but just read the whole book to really get it.

the characters, i think are so cool! i relate so much to Lane because of his studies and how he views it in his life. And Sadie, I personally think is definitely a unique and kickass girl. the secondary characters are quite so-so. Not as endearing and unique as other secondary characters in other books, but you'll love them too. but this is definitely a story about Sadie and Lane.

I liked their story. I love how it started as misunderstanding and false impressions because it wasn't rushed but how love is supposed to grow on its own inside of them. I like their subtle love story because it looked the opposite of fragile because the characters are the one who are fragile.

i guess, what i'm trying to say is this is definitely a new perspective on love. their love story is something i can't compare to with anyone. so the book is definitely unique on it's own way.

i read this as an audiobook. and the way the narrators read it are very emotional on the sad parts. but okay on other parts. i thought the narration wasn't quite up to par, but only... okay.

I finished this a few days ago and I swear, I was trying my best not to cry. I just so much feels due to personal reasons but this book definitely triggered it.

This book will definitely give you the feels and it definitely held something personal to me.

I'm looking forward to reading more robyn schneider books. i very much like her writing her. the best thing i can definitely commend her on is writing in a teenage boy's perspective and made it so believably like a teenage boy. i can definitely see the behaviors of a real boy in her writing that i think not a lot of female writers can grasp! props to her on that!
Good Points
~ amazing writing
~ new perspective on love
~ non-cliche setting
~ deep connection to readers
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