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Solid start to a new series and a must-read for those who love fairy tale retellings.
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Full Disclaimer: I adore Danielle Paige's Dorothy Must Die series. The worldbuilding is incredible and I am fascinated by an Oz in which Dorothy becomes the thing she once fought against. While Stealing Snow is not ALL THAT, it is quite a good read. Despite the allusion towards Snow White, the story does not re-tell so much as borrow a couple of elements (I was quite amused at how Snow named her pills after the dwarves). There are some beautifully, fantastical, elements that harken back to the whimsy of fairy tales and some terrifying creatures that will have any princess shaking in her snow boots. There were some great plot twists along the way and the assurance that, as the series continues, Snow (and the reader) cannot afford to trust ANYONE.

Unfortunately, while Snow's spunky sarcasm and stubbornness could make her a great heroine, she had an annoying habit of following along blindly without much information. She also seemed to be attracted to every single male character in the book. There were some really interesting side characters who didn't get a great deal of development, though they might prove more fundamental to the series as it continues. These characters show real potential and I hope Paige will utilize them more fully in the coming books. I also hope she will spend more time building upon the relationships between Snow and those she cares about. I would love to know more about her mother and Bane and what brought them to this point.

While Stealing Snow has some character issues, it is a solid start to a new series and a must-read for those who love fairy tale retellings.
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