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Eerie Thrill
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Eerie is a thrilling paranormal romance and an engaging mystery. Hailey Hartley enrolls into the ParaScience University in Alaska after her sister Holly goes missing. Safety from paranormal beings lurking in the shadows and dreams seem possible at this unique school. The Envoy, called Asher, is a ruthless creature but has feelings for Hailey. The book has an exciting plot and engaging characters.

The location of the ParaScience University in Alaska does allow for the supernatural elements to be more compelling. Also Alaska is so far from Hailey’s home and regular life, it drives home the fact that her life has so greatly changed. The thought put into the world building of this book is good. The other students at the ParaScience University are great and quirky.

Hailey Hartley is certainly an interesting character. The disappearance of her sister is the starting point of the supernatural change in her life. From then on her life will never be the same again. The really vivid nightmares are a key part to the plot. Asher is an immortal creature called an Envoy who wants to kill Hailey to save her. Finn is a boy who likes Hailey but is controlled by supernatural elements also intent on killing Hailey.

This book will easily be loved by those who have enjoyed reading Harry Potter, Twilight, and other such books. A sensational teen paranormal romance that held my interest right to the very last word. Irish dancing, a ParaScience University, and immortal creatures are just some of the exciting things to be found in this book.
Good Points
1. The ParaScience University in Alaska
2. The supernatural/paranormal plot
3. The well written and quirky characters.
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