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A truly unique retelling of a classic tale
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I knew at the first glance of the Art Deco title font that I would love this book. The Deco/film-nior vibe of this retelling perfectly captures the mood and nostalgia of the roaring twenties in pre-Depression New York.

The story is easy to follow with emphasis placed on the beautiful images rather than the text. The text is there to guide you when it’s necessary, but the author allows his images to speak for themselves throughout the book. Phelan manages to capture the menacing tone of the story though the powerful expressions of his character’s faces.

The images are almost always black and white, with a vivid red used for the poisoned apple, Snow’s ruby red lips, a smattering of blood, and the blush of young Snow’s cheeks. The stepmother might be the most evil version of the wicked stepmother I’ve ever seen. And “The Seven” were a clever interpretation of the classic seven dwarves.

Snow White, a Graphic Novel is the perfect gift for fans of fairytale retellings as well as fans of the Art Deco and film nior periods.
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