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i'm finally done! i read this with a very slow start which i think is becoming a routine for me. but once i sat down and read it, i just couldn't stop!

i like Lara Jean. we're the same in the sense that we're homely and sheltered. but i also like how she grew here. her character development is definitely, i would say, one of the best in the YA contemporary genre. the secondary characters i like too. i love the fact that they are not black and white. like Peter's friends are really decent and funny guys to Lara Jean even though stereo typically, they are not. one is also Josh and Chris! the family members are pretty awesome too!

the book, though romance, has much more to convey which are family and friendship. i like the fact that the book can be surprising. i like the level of drama too. like i said it's not black and white.

i'm not really into the part that it's one of the stories that are pretend relationships. but this time, it really has a cool plot on how they got into the situation. i love the plot of it all, but the flow in the start of the book is quite slow. which is why i dropped the book for awhile.

this book will definitely leave you wanting more. i'm very glad there's a sequel. yet, i am satisfied of how the book ended... quite realistic.

in general, this book is so good! i'm looking forward to reading the next one. i really would love to know what will happen to the main and minor characters!

i've won this book in a sweepstakes! and i am truly grateful.
Good Points
~ amazing flow of story
~ the best character development in a YA contemporary so far
~ minor characters are so good
~ would make you want more
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