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EVERYDAY MAGIC by Emily Albright in many ways is a modern day fairytale. The protagonist, Maggie, comes from a wealthy, high profile Hollywood family. Her dad is a prolific director, known for his films and bad behavior, and her mother is a sought-after director of photography. As a result, Maggie is forced to consort with many A-List celebrities, including the teenage heartthrob Ben Chambers, who surprisingly seems to be romantically interested in her. However, Maggie’s personal life is anything but perfect. Her father is quite manipulative and abusive, punishing anyone who even thinks about crossing him. Consequently, in order to fulfill her own destiny, Maggie must escape the clutches of her evil father and forge her own way.

While this novel has some dark undertones, Maggie’s luck otherwise is too good to be true. For instance, she gets accepted into a great school for fashion design. There, her sketch wins a fashion competition for a British duchess. She, then, ultimately becomes a personal stylist to members of the British royalty and is able to launch her own clothing line, all by the age of twenty. At the same time, she meets the love of her life after a typical Boy-Meets-Girl, Boy-Loses-Girl, Boy-Gets-Girl-Back situation. With that being said, knowing the bare bones of the plot does not take away from the purpose or journey of this book. It is a feel good story, meant primarily for entertainment and fun, and additionally, can inspire young girls out there to go for their dreams regardless of their circumstances. Conversely, those looking for a novel leveled more in reality and deep humanity should search elsewhere.

As someone who works in the film industry myself, I related in many ways to this novel, knowing that the reality behind closed doors can be quite different than what is presented to the public. However, Albright does a good job of showing the duality of the situation, which is what keeps the story from becoming too stereotypical. Additionally, the characters are so full of personality and spunk that it is easy to forgive the stock plot.

Overall, EVERYDAY MAGIC is great if you are craving a light read that is both heartwarming and enjoyable. It is perfect for curling up with during the holiday season!
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