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I just finished reading this book! and it's so good! this is such a swoon-worthy book! from the plot to the cover, from the characters to the flow of events, it is such a good read.

this book made me remember my high school days a lot. which is such a good thing! isn't it amazing when a book just gets you and even makes you think about your own experiences, your mistakes and your choices? i swear, it even made me remember my first heartbreak too!

i love the flow of events in this book. i don't read fast because i feel like i need to digest the book and experience it well. but it kept me wanting to know what will happen next and made me want to read on! i especially love Isla's journey to 'healing' and what comes after that.

the characters are so realistic! I love it when YA book characters are such teenagers. the kind that made me realize that this was soooo me when I was a teenager. because there are some books where teenagers are so profound and full of wisdom that i feel like they are not real kids. but this book shows every teenage quirk, angst and drama in each character. Isla definitely has those! i also love the characters in the breakup support group! i especially like Bastian! i feel like he is so funny and adorable if he were a real person!

the love story though! augh! so good! i just can't help but root for Isla and her step to a new love. the love interest, Emory, makes me want to smack him but it went away in the ending! LOL! i like the stages of their feelings and the way things ended.

I love the idea of the support group. it was nice to imagine a real support group and how they really come up with ideas to help a person. it's adorable! this is my favorite quote from the book: "We're people with heart, with a desire to share our lives with someone who loves us just as much as we love them." it just epitomizes the support group and i just love that.

like i said, i love the people in the support group. i was hoping to see some of the other's healing process too. i know that this is Isla's story, but I would love to read each of their stories too.

i really found this book amazing! my thoughts are just so full that i can't even lay these thoughts into words. it gave me the feels. it made me remember the struggles of teen love. it made crave for true love. it made me laugh at my teen self in a good way. augh! it's just really good. i really hope that i had this kind of support system during my first heartbreak too.

Congratulations to Cheyanne Young for writing such a promising and realistic book! I love every bit of it. and thank you for giving me an ebook copy. i really appreciate it.
Good Points
~ the plot about the supprot group is so good
~ swoon-worthy love story
~ interesting and realistic characters
~ amazing flow of events
~ the feels
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