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So much life lessons
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The plot in itself made me curious to read it. And the story itself gave me a roller coaster ride.

I truly loved the flow of the book. It was well-paced, funny and I really didn't want to put it down.

The lessons from this book is something that I already learned from my life and from other books. And then I realized that if I read this the time it was published, I would found it freeing... just like how Ollie found driving freeing. I mean, we would've been the same age if I read this when it was published, so I think it would've held more meaning to me. But don't get me wrong, it still does.

The things that Ollie and his friends did was so simple, but amazing and unexpected. I would think I would never do the things they have done in this book. But I might have if I knew I was going to die. The only difference is, they did it better.

The simplicity of this book made me think of the complexity of life. It's very funny and I laughed all through out the book. And the emotions, would just make you feel.
Good Points
- amazing plot
- well paced
- funny
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