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Lovely Tale About Young Teen Relationships
(Updated: December 18, 2016)
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10 Steps to Girlfriend Status is a lovely tale about a young teen (freshman in high school) who is learning how to manage her many changing relationships. First, she's hoping her guy friend will become more than just a friend. Second, her mom has just remarried, so she's figuring out how to be part of a blended family, complete with a stepdad, stepsister, and stepbrother. Third, her surrogate grandmother who lived next door to her old house is developing Alzheimer's.

As someone who recently lost her mother, I found this last changing relationship the most emotionally moving. While my mother didn't have Alzheimer's, it's never easy to see someone you love lose their grip on life. Cynthia Toney does a lovely job handling this difficult topic.

Parents, this is a "clean" read for your young teen. It has a light faith element in the story, but definitely nothing overly preachy. A very enjoyable read.
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