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METALTOWN by Kristen Simmons is a young adult dystopian. However, it has a certain timeless quality to it, which feels as though this story could have played out in the past, in the present, or in the future as is written. The book is narrated by shifting perspectives between three main characters, Colin, Ty, and Lena. Colin and Ty are two down-on-their-luck factory workers, while Lena is the privileged daughter of the factory’s owner. While they come from different worlds, the three of them soon learn they have more in common than they ever could have imagined.

In a lot of ways, METALTOWN reminds me of LES MISÉRABLES by Victor Hugo. Ty, like Éponine, ends up poor and in the streets, fending for herself. Also, like Éponine, Ty is secretly in love with her best friend, a boy who does not share her romantic feelings. Colin, on the other hand, like Marius, has a slightly rebellious nature, making him want to protest and change life around him for the better. He, too, bands together with his friends to form a plan of action. Lena, conversely, like Cosette, has grown up largely sheltered from the world. She has lived a life of luxury, but feels like a trapped bird. Lena’s relationship with Colin is forbidden and unexpected, and has the potential to be very dangerous, similar to Marius and Cosette’s.

With that being said, METALTOWN is still quite original and compelling. Kristen Simmons’ writing is a breath of fresh air, her specialty being well-defined and crafted characters that are brutally realistic and multi-layered. The injustice of the world Simmon’s creates is devastating, and because I care so much for Ty, Colin, and Lena, I want them to have happy endings. As a result, much like the characters, I found myself wanting to hop on the bandwagon and fight against “The Man” alongside them.

Overall, METALTOWN is an absolutely heart-wrenching tale about survival, friendship, and love. The ending of the book had me in tears, but it was breathtakingly powerful and worth every minute.
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