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Review: Like a River Glorious
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As much as I truly enjoyed the first book, I have to say I loved this sequel even more. The book picked up not long as the first book ended as our group was looking for a place to settle and start their gold hunt. There were less characters then at the beginning of the wagon train so we got to know some of the supporting characters better than we did in the first book. The three college boys were stand outs during the first but in this one, they were got a lot of focus and I fell in love with them even more. Becky Joyner was another character who really stood out and I enjoyed her scenes so much.

The plot was slow-paced, much like the first. It took its time to develop the characters and the relationships between them, making the vivid descriptions of the scenery pop, introducing new characters. I loved that, while it was slow-paced, it was still a quick read and it never felt like it was dragging. I very likely would have loved reading about these characters making a life for themselves even without the danger Leah’s uncle presented.

Leah grew a lot in the first book but I thought she really got to shine in this one. She was done hiding, she was done with people hurting her friends and her makeshift family, she was done with people controlling her. If the first book showed who Leah was with regards to herself, this one showed who she was in terms of her family and how far she was willing to go to keep them safe. It made me love her character even more.

I loved Rae Carson after the Fire and Thorns series and all the Gold Seer trilogy is doing is permanently making her place on my auto-buy authors list. I need the next book now, not a year later.
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