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Not Every Girl has pretty much everything you want in a fantasy book. Excitement. A well-built world. A handsome prince. A spunky heroine.

Olivia grows up in a world of expectations. She knows what her future will look like - become a bride, forced to sit at home and let her husband have the adventures. That doesn't sit well with her. She's spent her life training with the squires, but never truly being one of them. She's a girl. She can't. So when the king announces a journey into another land, she disguises herself as a boy to go along. It isn't long before she's discovered and forced to turn back towards home in the unexpected company of the prince. On their journey home, they make some discoveries and meet some people that ultimately leave them with a choice. Return home as ordered - or risk everything to save the kingdom.

What I loved: Prince Liam is written perfectly. He's brooding with a hidden tenderness and a desire for things to be different in his life. The authors ability to form similarities between the two main characters when they are from very different walks of life is something to behold. It makes the story poignant and real. The other ancillary characters are also well done and the plot holds an enormous amount of excitement and creativity to delight the reader.

What was just okay: Olivia has a selfish streak that makes her hard to like at times, particularly in the beginning. All she can seem to see is what she wants for her life. It makes her a bit sullen. That does get better as she grows as a result of events in the story.

A story that keeps you turning page after page in anticipation, leaving you with the feeling that it isn't a book you'll soon forget.
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