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Thoroughly Entertaining.
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A fast-moving, thoroughly entertaining story about a teenage girl finding her way, making mistakes, and learning about life.
Renley starts out just wanting to go to New York with her math club. She's a normal, unremarkable teenage girl who just loves math and has major daddy issues. Add to that a hot best friend/neighbor who is completely in love with her, but has issues of his own.
So, she needs money. Lots of it. She decides to start a blog, letting people ask how to do things. She then plans to learn to do just about everything and then write about it. The blog gains popularity, as does Renley, leading to her doing some very out of character things. It all spirals so fast until it crashes down around her and she learns who is truly on her side.
Here is what I loved: All of the secondary characters. They're written incredibly well, making the reader truly believe in their actions. The boyfriend, the best guy friend, the best girl friend, the father - even the step-mother. They're very easy to like and to root for.
The concept for the story is very original and intriguing as well.
Here is what was just okay: Renley. Much of what she does doesn't make sense. The reader is left wishing she was stronger. Even her feelings in the love story don't add up. This is big because the entire story focuses on her.

How to Make Out is an original story enhanced by great, simple writing that makes the story a pleasure to read.
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