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BETWEEN WORLDS by Skip Brittenham harkens back to many classical fantasies in that there is a secret, seemingly mundane portal ready to transport people to another dimension. In this case, it is a large aspen tree that sends two young teenagers to Nith, a place full of dangerous creatures who are looking for their next meal, and also a place where humans possess magic. Mayberry and Marshall, the two protagonists, must learn to harness their powers and navigate their way through Nith if they hope to return home to Eden Grove alive.

BETWEEN WORLDS is an easy and quick read. The pacing throughout is consistent, keeping the book moving in a forward momentum. Additionally, the two lead characters are compelling and relatable. They are misfits in their small school and are often bullied for being “different.” Looking to find their niche in the world, luckily, they happen to find it in each other. Mayberry is very smart at science and math, while Marshall is a tech whiz. Together, the two of them are resourceful and make a great team.

Overall, BETWEEN WORLDS is a sweet tale that is peppered with adventure. It should do very well with the late elementary to middle school readers who enjoy using their imaginations. In fact, the book itself has a complementary app that can be downloaded on an electronic device and allows the reader to experience the story in an immersive augmented reality, making this novel very much a product of the twenty first century. There are also accompanying color photos throughout the book that help in depicting the foreign beings the author describes. I personally wanted a slightly more complex plot as the protagonists were on the run for a decent portion of the book, which did not always contribute to an overall purpose. However, with that being said, anyone on the market for a light and fun read will not be disappointed by BETWEEN WORLDS.
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