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Britta: She is strong and determined. She has a lot of fight in her for someone who has lost so much. The journey of Britta not only accepting her emotions but also herself and others is a journey you won't soon forget. It rings true and strong, as she fights for what's right even when she knows she must sacrifice something.

Cohen: Seemed nice, supportive even. But while he was struggling not to let her know how he felt, he was distant and fairly rude. Especially after their first encounter after so long. He is strong and intelligent, kind and compassionate, but he sure knows how to pay the bad guy.

If you had to find the man who murdered your father and found out said man is one you love (but who left you), would you be able to do it? Britta has no choice in the matter, either having to forfeit her life (and her father's everything), or track down Cohen. With her powers of being able to tell truths from lies, she can't fight the accusations against Cohen, not when they ring true. So the hunt begins.

I love the twists, the surprises. Even when it was predictable, it was still enjoyable to read.


Is sweet and slow. Britta and Cohen already love each other, but neither truly believes the other can be theirs. Not only that, they also don't want to endanger each other. Especially now that both are watched closely, Cohen being the hunted and Britta the hunter. The closer they get on their journey however, warms the heart as they aren't just physically connected, but also mentally and emotionally. The more we see of them together, the more we get to see of how hard they're trying to hold back. Love isn't easy to deny, but when you believe it's for the right reason, such as protecting that person, you have the willpower to deny it. And seeing that unravel is rather brilliant.


Is fantastic! Everything was vivid in my mind, easily visualized and rich in descriptions. Summeril knows what she's doing.


The flow was great, the descriptions amazing, and the overall tone was enjoyable to read. I am definitely interested in reading more from this author!


With rich characters and world-building, there's not much to be missed. I was easily hooked and finished the novel quite easily once getting into it.
Good Points
Great characters, world-building, and romance.
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January 06, 2017
I love the cover so much
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