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Young Adult Fiction 1791
For the true horror fans
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The Women in the Walls is a perfect book to sink into on a dark fall night as the wind howls outside - but maybe leave the lights on of this one!

In the character of Lucy we find a child for whom life has become very isolated. Having lost her mother at a young age, her entire life revolves around her father, aunt Penelope, cousin Margaret and the sprawling estate in which they live. When Penelope disappears and Lucy's father becomes even more obsessed with planning the lavish parties that seem to be their sole responsibility, she watches as her cousin and only friend becomes more and more distant. As the days stretch on with no sign of Penelope, Margaret's condition worsens and she confesses to hearing voices within the walls. Lucy is soon faced with the reality that there may be more to the family home than she ever dared think and that the spirits of the dead are not only restless, but lonely as well.

Amy Lukavics has mastered the art of horror and the thrill of the unknown. She creates some truly terrifying imagery that left me wishing I hadn't started reading while home alone! There are some truly gruesome scenes that are not for the faint of heart of weak of stomach but that will excite those true horror fans who want a little blood and gore with their fright. While there are some issues around characterization and a true depth of feeling for the outcome of their plight, these are easily forgotten in the rush to find out what hides within the walls of the Acosta mansion.

While nothing appears to indicate that this is part of a duology or series, the door is certainly left open to revisit this story and there are still many questions left to be answered if Lukavics chooses to walk these halls once more.
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