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Rooting for true love
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Finally got to finish! it took me awhile because my brain went to places! but when i got back to reading, i practically read it in one sitting!

Kendra Chronicles book are definitely Alex Flinn's best! But I love her other books just the same.

This is such a wonderful retelling of Snow White. I love that the similarities are quite subdued because I love Alex Flinn's own plots and twists in her books. The ending is quite similar with her other books but I love the fact that the romance is something so different and very well done.

The message she tries to pass is the same. but then again fairy tales does the same. But just the message of love in general is still beautiful. I find it amazing that she touches the perception of beauty and true love. Which every person needs reminding of what the real meaning of them is.

Very well done. Love this very much!
Good Points
~ interesting love interest
~ reminds you of true meaning of love and beauty
~ amazing moral lessons
~ multiple character perspectives
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