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This book is one of the books I've been looking forward to reading. Even since I read the book description in the author's site for the YA Dash, it grabbed me and never looked back. Fortunately, I won a copy that the author hosted!

The book started out slow for me. It took me awhile to get into reading it. I was in the fourth chapter that I was starting to like the flow of the story. Which by the way is really good! It's not rushed but it keeps you satisfied and just urges you to read on and find out what's next. I love the fact that the time frame is very thought of and the attention to detail with what are happening just makes you feel that you are part of Riley's search for the truth.

Riley! So badass! She is not a character in a fantasy novel but she is so amazing! You know how sometimes those types of genres just gives you a character that's already amazing or has a talent for something? I saw her as vulnerable in the beginning but she's very strong on how she holds herself up. The way the story goes will just remind you how girls can be so smart, strong, quick witted, and independent. And I just truly love that you'll just discover that Riley is like that instead of the book 'telling' us that she's like that.

The characters in this book are quite vague... But understandable because this is a mystery/thriller. But the interactions of the characters with Riley are so well made. The parent-child relationships speak volumes in this book. And one of the parent-child relationship here isn't even a parent. One thing I can tell you about this book is that this isn't just for entertainment. There are lessons here especially about people and different kind of relationships. I also love the romance in this because the romance here is unconventional yet beautiful. Although, I do think that Jordan is too perfect for a guy in general.

The story is hands down, the best part about this book! I couldn't sit still reading this! It made me confused, surprised, awed, saddened, heart-broken and so many other things. You just want to keep on finding the truth with Riley. I can't help myself but to root for her, cheer her on, and try to solve the case with her.

This book is definitely one of the most exciting and gripping books I've read. It's so compelling and definitely keeps you on your toes! I say this is an amazing piece from J.R. Johansson! And I am truly grateful and fortunate for the copy she gave me.
Good Points
~amazing plot
~character relationships are well made
~unconventional but beautiful romance
~badass main character
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