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Young Adult Fiction 2021
Great follow up!
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Oh boy! This book was a great ride! The story picks up immediately after the events of Ember, which was a relief because the first book ended in a cliffhanger.

For this book, we get three POVs, now including Helene which is really amazing because I like her equally as the main characters. Another thing I like about the characters is that they have equal exposure, and the conflict that arises between them, against them, and the Empire brings so much depth to their character’s story arc and development. I really enjoyed Helene’s chapters and she’s one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever read.

As usual, Tahir’s writing style is excellent and the story was gracefully executed. It’s fast paced, yet consistent and the character’s voices are distinct. I think the romance was explored more here, compared to Ember and I like it that it’s slow-burned, which of course led me to feeling warm and fuzzy at times. I like the little cute banter Laia and Elias have sometimes, but at the same time I enjoy Helene having feelings towards Elias too, which leaves her character in such complex situation, and in a good way, it’s cool to see it unfold.

I remember in the first book, I had a little problem with the world-building but I think I got settled more because of this book, since I’m already familiar with the setting of the book. Basically, I can imagine them clearly now.

Overall, I love this book more than I did Ember and it’s such a joy to see the writing and the story elevate more. I think I just had a little problem with Laia’s character, like I felt she got a little too naive at times, which is okay for a character but I’d say she needs to be better. I’m sort of guessing that I’m liking Helene’s character compared to her, but I think that’s because Helene’s story got explored further in this. Anyway, this is a solid sequel and I cannot wait to read the next ones!
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amazing character development, kickass main characters, action-packed
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