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Young Adult Fiction 2035
A great tale about grief and loss
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I really enjoyed this book. I was having quite the long day inside the lab, when I decided to pick this book up so I was able to read it in one sitting, while doing some lab works. And it was more than enough to keep the boredom away.

This book's portrayal of grief is so amazing, I could feel every emotion. Jace and Eli are twins, who got into an accident, which got Eli dead. Jace's life changed from that point, and he started to question everything in his life, especially things about his brother.

I really like the voice of Jace in the story. It's raw and full of emotions, which makes it very realistic for someone who just lost his other half. I love his relationship with Eli and their little sister, Sarah. He also has a great character development and I really enjoyed seeing his character grow. He used to be with the jocks, being sporty and all but that changed after the accident, which led him to meet Thera.

I also like Thera's character. She's very interesting and I enjoyed her story as well. It's quite nice to read a story that doesn't focus much on the romance, although I have to admit that the chemistry between Thera and Jace is really good.

Friendships in this book was portrayed really good too. Even with Jace falling out with some of his friends, it's quite reassuring that he was able to reconcile with them. There was also a heavy religious theme surrounding this book, which was depicted pretty well and it added depth to the story and to Jace's character, and his family relationship.

This was my first Stacey Kade book and I'm really impressed with her writing style. Overall, this book is one of the best books I've read this year and I can't wait to read more from her.
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excellent writing style, great character developments
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