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The Lost and The Found
(Updated: September 05, 2016)
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What worked: This story starts out similar to recent news stories where some abducted girls are later found and returned to their families. Only in this story, readers get a glimpse of what happens after the media leaves. In The Lost and the Found we see how this family tries to adjust after their missing daughter is returned to them thirteen years later. Sure, they are beyond happy that Laurel is alive, but we also see the awkward moments like when Faith and her mother have lunch with a former neighbor and her daughters. Also we see Michel, the new companion of Faith and Laurel's father, being quietly pushed aside in order to keep a facade of how the family 'used' to be.

Mostly we see Faith's reactions to her sister's sudden appearance. At first she is excited that her older sister has been found and really tries to reconnect, but something is just off. She pushes those thoughts aside at first. I really liked how the author shows this. Also she shows the little things Laurel does that don't seem 'right'. Add to that how Faith struggles with feelings of guilt and even jealousy.

I really like how we see how the sudden appearance of Laurel, after being missing for thirteen years, causes it's own havoc. Faith has been on guard with people that she feels have only wanted to be friends because her sister is famous with all the media attention. There's also a betrayal that took me off guard.

Readers at first see a very traumatized Laurel when she's returned to her family. Her moods swift quickly from being happy to be home to very secretive. I admit I kind of knew where this story was going but the final reveal did stump me. I didn't see that coming!

Kuddos for open-ending conclusion which works perfectly.

The romance though didn't quite work for me. It felt forced at times and I really wanted to see more of it.

Psychological thriller on the aftermath of a girl being returned to her family after being missing for thirteen years. Twists on what might have in fact really happened that will surprise readers at the end.
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1. Good psychological thriller
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