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FAKING IT by Gabrielle Tozer is a fun and light read about the stresses of college. Josie Browning, new to the city, is a part-time student and part-time writer for a newly established online magazine, Indi. She’s got a boyfriend she’s crazy about and life is going pretty well. But her life turns hectic when she’s asked to take on extra work responsibilities that are a far beyond her reach and experience.

She doesn’t yet understand the world of fashion blogging and often finds herself putting her foot in her mouth. She’s unable to impress and charm the right people in order to grow the magazine’s support. She’s thrown into press junkets where she’s to book a pop star for their launch party. While all this is going on, she’s distracted by school, issues with her roommates, fighting with her boyfriend, accidentally oversharing about her personal life, and a new hot travel writer named Alex.
Tozer does a good job of balancing fun and strong emotions in a way that pulls the reader into the heart of the story. Josie feels realistic and her narrative feels relatable, we’ve all been there, feeling like our life is falling apart when really we’ve just got too many plates spinning.

The characters are well developed, even though some of them lack any real depth. They still leave a strong impression and connect to one another in important and meaningful ways. Josie, from page one, is a believable character that immediately makes you want to root for her, even when she’s making terrible decisions.

What Left Me Wanting More:

The books is a little longer than it really needs to be with nonessential details thrown in, only to be resolved a few sentences later. It’s not a major turn off but it can distract from the overall story of Josie.

Final Verdict:

This compelling and fun book is a great fit for anyone looking for a light and entertaining read.
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