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How to Disappear is an intriguing, adventurous tale about a girl running for her life, scared and lonely but incredibly determined.

Nick is a fighter and a deceiver. She runs away and disguises herself and thinks up the perfect lies at the best times, though she also fumbles and messes up. Practice makes perfect; learn from your mistakes. Men are after her, and she knows they want her dead, so when she starts getting threatening messages… She runs again, changes her identity again, deceives again. It’s a downward spiral of lies, a web of intricate disguises and truths parading around masked with false information. It’s an epic adventure of danger and deceit, but even when your life is threatened, love can bloom. It’s intense, dark, and raw to its core.

Nick is doing just fine on her own. She got away safely, learned from her previous mistakes, and she’s very good at staying under the radar. She’s a sketchy character, not above lying and deceiving or stealing. She’s dark and twisted, and that’s what makes this book all the better. Right from the start, you know she’s guilty, especially from the hints we get from her. However, it doesn’t end how you may think. The author strays from being too predictable, and it pays off. The author takes a determined criminal and lets us see into her mind, her life. It’s devious, dark, just like Nick.

And then our mysterious, running-from-the-law MC meets J, a compassionate, kind guy who is too cute and too irresistible. Unfortunately for her, he’s just as good at pretending to be someone he’s not. Romance between the two is inevitable, and it happens quickly. It’s enjoyable to read however, especially from J’s point of view. He knows something about her (at least he thinks he knows) and despite that one thing, he falls in love with her. Even though he thinks badly of her character, and that he sometimes fears her or loses control because he thinks about that one thing too much.

That said, I like J. He loves his mom, is a pretty nice dude despite how his dad and brother are, and even though he had a tough childhood, he doesn’t look for pity or act out or share his story to get a girl to like him. But when he loses it, he yells and he’s a bit of a dick. He’s also pretty messed up. It only affects him sometimes. There’s a lot of psychology involved in this book,and the author doesn’t hint at it or leave out the dark details. We get the raw, dark parts and it’s brilliant!

As for the plot, it’s pretty good. Nick is brilliant and what she shares at the end of the book… That’s when you realize how smart she is and how secretive she can be, even from those she loves. She’s also a bit messed up. That’s probably why the romance works so well. You can’t love someone 100% unless you understand them.

In this tale of love and lies, can you find the truth?
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