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An Adventure at Sea
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The first noticeable element of Shining Sea by Mimi Cross is the packaging. The beautiful and mysterious cover is immediately intriguing, as is the compelling synopsis on the back. Both the artwork and the description really set the tone for what is to come and what to expect. The book begins in the aftermath of an accident, one which has a lot of secrecy surrounding it. Slowly the audience is clued in to details, as the lead character, Arion, allows herself to remember them and as she discovers more information. Consequently, it becomes clear during the first few pages that Shining Sea is more than just a carefully considered casing; it is also a great story.

The written dialogue in this book is one of its best features. It feels genuinely authentic and age appropriate. Each character also seems to have his or her own voice, which helps make the characters more complex. I especially like the witty banter between Arion and Logan. It is very funny and charismatic. I often found myself smiling at their repartee.

Additionally, the novel’s structure adds to the thrilling aspects of the book, while also introducing an artistic flair. The chapter titles and their font aid the tone without giving too much away. For example, one chapter is called “Intruder.” As a result, though I do not know who the Intruder is or what will happen, I immediately feel the anticipation of what is to come. Moreover, there are a few short chapters, almost unintelligible, during the times Arion is going through an emotional crisis. These chapters are musical, like Arion herself, but again add to the overall puzzle.

Those, however, familiar with The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer will notice distinct similarities in the relationships between Arion and Bo and Bella and Edward. In both books, the male character saves the girl, starting a suspicion in her mind that he may be more than human. The lead female then does research to figure out what otherworldly creature the male could possibly be. Once she draws a conclusion, she confronts him with it, which leads to a case of forbidden love. It is the handling of the forbidden love though that is different. Twilight received a lot of criticism for the portrayal of Bella as a weak female figure and how unhealthy her romance is with Edward. Those who had these issues with Twilight, on the other hand, will not find the same problems with Shining Sea.

The ending of Shining Sea also leaves a bit to be desired, but perhaps it is a set up for a second novel. Hopefully, this will not be a standalone book, but rather, expanded with more adventures and closure. Overall though, Shining Sea is a fun read with wonderful imagery.
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The cover of Shining Sea is beautiful!
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