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DREAMOLOGY by Lucy Keating is a sweet love story that takes the phrase “man of my dreams” literally. What happens when the boy you’ve been dreaming about your entire life is real? How do you act when you finally find him? How do you respond when the real boy isn’t the same as your dream boy?

Lucy Keating's writing is hilarious. Not only are the characters themselves , and the way they interact with one another funny, but her writing style is so quirky and fun. She’s titled each chapter with a silly little quip from the chapter that doesn’t make sense until you’ve read it. Titles like “Law & Order: Special Cookie Unit” and “Swans mate for life” are strange at first and then hilarious upon reading. I definitely want to have lunch with Lucy to pick her super funny and sassy brain!

I enjoyed the way Keating approached the very different parental relationships. Alice’s mother has essentially abandoned her and her father and Alice’s dad has a little bit of the mad scientist vibe going -which both complicates and excites Alice’s home life. Max’s parents are physically present but emotionally distant, themselves struggling with how to relate to their son in the wake of their own tragedy. Parents aren’t perfect but some do a better job than others. This idea was highlighted in a way that rang really true in the characters’ lives.

Of course, the romance was super swoon worthy. Max and Alice’s relationship is such an emotional roller coaster especially as the lines between the dream world and the real world blur. It’s a perfect mix of steamy and sweet.

What Left Me Wanting More:

With the problem of the dream world bursting into the real world becoming increasingly strong, I thought the solution would difficult, or at least problematic, for Max and Alice. While there certainly are emotional consequences to their decision to end their dream connection, it seems a little too easy. We don’t get any explanation of what Margaret did to create the connection or what she has to do to severe it. I would have liked a little more explanation to the science of it all, especially since that was such a driving part of the story.

Final Verdict:

DREAMOLOGY is a book that will have you swooning from all the romance while laughing out loud over the hilarious prose. The characters feel like friends and will leave you begging for me (or an Oliver/Sophie spin off….I’m just saying).
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